Puerto Rico
65th Infantry Regiment
Distinguished Service Cross
Lt. Stanley R. Dankowski 

For Extraordinary Heroism
Lt. Dankowski, '53, Posthumously Awarded D.S.C.
    The nation's second highest military honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, was awarded posthumously to 1st Lt. Stanley R. Dankowski, Class of '53, on September 12, in a ceremony at First Army Headquarters on Governor's Island, N.Y.
    The medal, awarded to Lt. Dankowski for extraordinary heroism in Korea three weeks before the armistice, was presented to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Dankowski of East Orange, N.J., by Brig. Gen. William H. Colbern, deputy commanding general of the 1st Army.
    Lt. Dankowski was cited for his heroism while serving with the 65th Infantry Regiment, Third Division, near Honu-Chon, Korea, on July 6, 1953. The citation reads as follows :
    "Early on the morning of 6 July 1953, Lt. Dankowski was leading an assault platoon participating in an attack on an enemy-held hill. As the platoon began its advance up the second slope of the hill, it was subjected to a heavy concentration of fire from enemy automatic rifles. Lt. Dankowski moved up and down the skirmish line, encouraging his men, urging them forward, and instilling them with an aggressive spirit that carried them successfully through this phase of the attack. Mid-way up the third and final slope of the hill , the platoon was again met by a barrage from enemy machine guns and supporting automatic rifles. Ordering his men to cover his advance, Lt. Dankowski without regard to his personal peril, moved directly into the enemy fire, climbed to the roof of a large bunker from which fire was coming and hurled hand grenades into the aperture. His courageous action neutralized the position and enabled his men to advance. When last seen, Lt. Dankowski had been critically wounded by artillery fire while firing on other enemy positions with his carbine. The extraordinary heroism exhibited by Lt. Dankowski on this occasion reflects great credit on himself and is in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service."
    Last August Lt. Dankowski was reported as killed in action in Korea in Korea in July, 1953. Previously he had been listed as missing in action.
    Further tribute was paid to Lt. Dankowski when an Army camp in Korea was named in his honor.
    A student at Lebanon Valley from 1949-51, Dankowski enlisted in the Army in April, 1951. He was quarterback of the 1949 and 1950 football teams.
U.S. Army Camp in Korea named in honor of Lt. Dankowski.
* The above article is from the Lebanon valley College Bulletin, Alumni New; Vol. XLII September 1954 No. 7*
The article and photo on this page were provided by Edward Geer.  
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Dankowski, of East Orange, N.J, accept the Distinguished Service
, posthumously, for their son, First Lieutenant Stanley R. Dankowski, Jr,
from Brig. Gen. William H. Colbern, Deputy Commanding General of First Army,
at Fort Jay, Governor's Island, N.Y.  U.S. Army photograph 30-094-940- 1/AH-54
10 Sept 54 - Photographer : SFC. Christiansen

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