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Veteranos de la guerra de Corea celebran reunión en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

This 14 minutes long Youtube video shows highlights of a Korean war veterans' social meeting held on July 17, 1994 at the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and two photo galleries of veterans from Mayagüez.  Also the Youtube video page has a video description that provides the names of most of the veterans which appear in the photo galleries plus relevant information about the content of such video.  The Youtube video description enhances significantly the comprehension of the video so you are encouraged to read it. This homemade video was produced in Spanish.

Recuerdos del servicio militar para la posteridad

In this 37 minutes long Youtube video, Korean War veteran Jose A. Lopez presents a candid and dramatic account of his military service and experiences in Korea divided in four sections: enlistment and training, voyage to Korea, combat in Korea, and arriving to San Juan and intergration to civil life. The video exhibits an impressive war footage and plenty of war photos. This video was produced in Spanish and in a documentary style. Jose A. Lopez past away on July 4, 2013.

Todo una vida



The film BEACHHEAD SECURED 81160 is about Operation Portrex, a joint airborne-amphibious training exercise on Vieques Island off Puerto Rico on the eve of the Korean War. The exercise involved the U.S. 65th Infantry Regiment (Aggressor Forces), mostly Puerto Rican soldiers, against the 82nd Airborne Div, 504th Airborne Infantry Regiment (Liberating Forces).

Prelude to Inchon

Prelude to Inchon is an article written by Col. Gilberto Villarhermosa about the Puerto Rico exercises of 1950 (PORTREX).


15 October 2000 
 El Morro de San Felipe, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Hosted by the Governor of Puerto Rico, 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee, Department of Defense, the Puerto Rico National Guard and 65th Honor Task Force. This film includes interviews of 65th Infantry veterans, speeches by government and Army officials, and archival film footage.

Plaque and Ceiba Tree Dedication honoring the 65th Infantry Regiment of 
Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican Soldier


May 21, 2013 - Senator Bill Larkin session comments on resolution J.1913 - Honoring the 65th Infantry Regiment of Puerto Rico, known as the Borinqueneers.

65th Infantry Honor Task Force Defies U.S. Govt Shutdown of Korean War Memorial in DC

1 Oct 2013, 65th Infantry Honor Task Force brought a contingent of Korean War Combat veterans from the 65th Infantry Regiment "Borinqueneers" to lay a wreath at the Korean War Veterans Memorial and be saluted by the 3d U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) U.S. Army Drill Team and other specialty teams..crowned by a magnificent platoon sized bayonet charge. On this day the U.S. Government shut down the memorials, in an act of ethical defiance we by passed all barriers and rendered a salute to our fallen. Here is a visual record of these historic events.


Sgt. Lopez Korea War Story - codewords - 65th Infantry Regiment

65th Infantry Regiment of Puerto Rico [Borinqueneers] veteran Tomas Lopez recounts an amazing experience.. it is gripping and amusing when he must use "real Puerto Rican language" to stop friendly fire directed at him.


Barack Obama otorga Medallas de Honor a militares que fueron discriminados por ser puertorriqueños